Friday, 19 December 2014

Frock love

I stumbled across frock love when they liked a picture on my instagram. They are super cute and affordable. The one thing I'm lusting after the most is this cloud print 2 piece which you actually buy seperatley. I've wanted something cloud print for as ages.  Proof here in a post from last year. Its funny as I say I wouldn't wear them together but now I totally would. I neeeeeed it. I kinda need to stop buying summer clother though, well clothes full stop.

Check out a few other of my picks from frock love.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

whats up on instagram

1. Cottonon top
2. Chucks, my best friend when shopping
3. Rainy day wear
4. Seeeellfffiiie

5. Suuuunshine coast
6. Boobs and well not much boobs
7. Betsy cuddle
8. Cruisin
 9. Yumyumyum
10. Wcw zoe kravitz
11. Lil xmas treat
12. General pants give peace santa cruz top

13. 5am watercolour sunrise
14. Making the pool look pretty with floating candles
15. You know it #gingerandproud
16. Cool moon

17. Finally getting le mop cut
18. Hair v humidity, humidity wins
19. Peace
20. Yuuhhuummy

21. Theyre making my favourite anime movie in a live action film with scarlet johansson maybe maybe playing motoko. Yeeessss i just really hope they dont fuck it up, which they probably will
22. Dying for these funkos and some bleach ones
23. Aletheia and phos x mimi elishiry wave ring
24. 100% the best reference in the whole 9 and a half seasons of supernatural
25. Princess polly, dissh and adorne warehouse sale
26. Adorne backpack I got at the sale

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Dissh and Princess Polly warehouse sale

Today was a pretty exciting shopping trip with my friend Kloe. Dissh boutiques and online boutique store Princess Polly had  a collobatrive warehouse sale along with jewellery store Adorne. I've never been to one of these before but I'm for sure going to keep my eye out as you get some really good stuff for insane prices. I thought I would treat myself as I've been working at lot and mainly night shifts at a really boring place in order to buy a plane ticket home.

On my list was something fancy for Kloe's birthday next weekend, as I really don't have too much fancy stuff. I've always thought two pieces were cute but never found one I thought worth investing in. I've also been on the hunt for a sequin skirt over the last few months. I definitely hit the jackpot here. The set was meant too be $120 but I got it for $40. The good thing about 2 pieces is that you can wear them separately. I plan on wearing the skirt with just T and the top with a leather skirt or something.

Next on my list was a new purse as mine completely fell apart. All purses were $10 and there was plenty to choose from. I went with this cute sparkly one. I'm kinda into subtle glittery sparkly things at the moment. This purse was meant to be $40. I also picked up this cute little backpack, you can never have too many backpacks right!? It was also $10 down from $55. Some serious bargains.

The last thing I picked up was the maxi dress for $10. I do love a good maxi dress or skirt. I especially love transitioning them into winter with a big knit over the top, which is what I plan to do with this one when I get back to England. As for the colour I'm not much of a red wearer, I let my hair take care of that part. I just loved the shape and print of the dress too much.

Kimono- Cottonon, Jeans- Factorie, Top- Salvation army, Bag- Kmart, Shoes- Converse, Sunglasses- Cosmetics plus

As for this outfit, its been raining the past few days but still hot so I've been wearing shorts or ripped jeans and a T. However today it was considerably cooler, windy and rainyish. I figured jeans with a vest top would be ok, and I had to bring my jersey kimono long cardigan thing to throw over when the wind picked up a bit.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Summer of angels shirt

Hardcore lusting after this shirt from the new spell designs collection, Summer of angels.

Sooo many shoes to choose from

All of these shoes are from wholesale7. They have so freakin many to choose from. All of these are types of shoes that I have wanted for ages but couldn't afford because they were from high end brands or I simply couldn't find anything like these anywhere. I'm in search of winter shoes as my visa runs out soon and I have to go back to the UK. I'll probably order them to be sent to England as I don't think they make it to me in Australia in time. I think I'm going to go with pair 1 as I've wanted a pair of boots with a chain like this for ages. Pair 4 and probably pair 2, 3 and 5 and maybe 6 aswell. AAhh I don't no. the fact that they are all around $20 makes the decision even harder. I know they wont last long but that's ok as I'll get bored of them soon and I would keep them on high rotation so I get plenty of ware out of all of them.

Monday, 8 December 2014


Skirt, shoes, bag- Kmart, Top- Salvation army,

Its not very often that I wear a full outfit thats completely form fitting. On the odd occasion that I do wear something body con on the bottom I tend to compensate with and oversized top or something cropped.

I went out for xmas lunch with the girls from the dress maker I intern at and I felt like going fancy. I've had this outfit planned in my head for ages and just needed an occasion to wear it. I love this super 90's top so much. It only cost me $2. I have several other outfits planned with this top. As for the skirt, I've seen this style with the lace over lay floating around for a while. When kmart jumped on the band wagon I had to snap it up.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Saturday randoms

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