Thursday, 29 January 2015


Coat- Newlook, Jumper- River Island, Jeans- Primark, Bag- Kmart, Shoes- Converse, Hat- Unknown, stole my brother

I absolutely love slouchy jumpers tucked into jeans, high waisted or of the normal kind. Its just such an easy relaxed and comfortable look. Some might say it rides on the hobo looking side of things, but that tends to be how I dress in winter, and well pretty much all the time. The baggier, slouchier and bigger and comfier the better.

Monday, 26 January 2015

The jumpsuit

I really want to get my hands on a black jumpsuit and this H&M one is exactly what I had in mind. Here I've styled it simply with some mannish flats, simple jewellery and this lovely pale blue bag. I also thought these grey heels with the white sole and thick tread added a nice contrast and a touch of sport luxe. All pieces are H&M.

Saturday, 24 January 2015


Coat- New look, Top- Primark, Shorts- Cottonon, Shoes- Dorothy Perkins

The print of this top reminds me of being 10 again in school doing marbling which was something I loved doing. I always loved the effect of dye floating around in water, the same with smoke in the air. The simplicity and ease of the dye fluidly creating unique patterns in the water and finally on paper used to really excite me and still does. The best part is that this top was on sale for £1. Aww yeaaah, no questions asked, I had to grab it and it was the only one I could see. I'm not really into matching my clothing with things like the colour of my nails etc, but I like how my hair matches the colours in the top.

I tend to wear a lot of black, especially in the winter, so a top with a fun and unique print is an interesting way to jazz and liven up an all black outfit. The top also has a jersey neckline which adds a nice subtle contrasting detail.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Asos wishlist

A very greyscale wishlist, but that tends to be how I dress in winter.

I am in absolute love with this striped shirt and that reclaimed vintage jumpsuit.

Asos shirt, River island jumper, Asos jumpsuit, Asos wide legged trousers, Cheap Monday jumper, Asos knit dress, Rokoko bell bottoms

Voyagerhearts Facebook page

I just made a facebook page for this here little blog. Any likes would be very much appreciated.



Wednesday, 21 January 2015

random tumblrings

Source: tumblr

Pink and oversized

Coat, scarf, boots- Primark, Top- Witchery, Shorts & bag- Kmart, Beanie- Old

I really wanted a pink coat and a ridiculously oversized coat for the winter. I lucked out with this coat as it hit the 2-in-1 and was on sale. I got it for £10. It was the last one and is a size 18. Its so snuggly and because its so big you can just layer and layer underneath it until your a giant marshmallow.

Monday, 19 January 2015

First official ' I'm back in the UK freezing my balls off ' outfit post

Coat- Newlook, Scarf (Snood)- Primark, Top- Primark, Jeans- Primark, Boots- Primark, Bag- Kmart, Beanie- Oldest thing in my wardrobe, think I got it from new look years ago.

After 2 years in Australia I am finally back in the northern hemisphere where it its freakin freeeeezzzzzing. Especially for me coming from around 40 degrees and having been in nothing colder than about 15 for the last 2 years of my life. Also pretty much all my clothes were summer clothes, apart from my leather jacket and long black and white kimono/ cardigan hybrid thing.

 First thing on my agenda was to drag my mums and also my brothers butt off to primark so I could get some warm clothes. I was actually pretty disappointed with primark and well all the shops I went into to be honest. Some places already seem to be preparing for summer and its only January. There were actually sandals in my local primark, what the ?????. I picked up another coat in primark, 2 more tops and a few bras and that's it. I also got another pair of boots from Dorothy Perkins. I'm thinking of doing a haul video, give youtube another try?.

Now all my family and friends know that coming back to the UK really isn't what I wanted. I wanted to stay in oz for well forever and ever and ever and ever. But things don't always turn out they way you want. I was extremely lucky to be able to go out there as soon as I did. I lived in Canada for a year and was only home for about 2 months before jetting off to Oz. It was the best 2 years of my life, infact the last 3 have been the best years of my life. I'm only 22 so I still have plenty of time to be able to get back out there at some point in my life. That's my new aim in life and what's going to motivate me even more.

One thing I was looking forward too about coming home is winter dressing. I just mainly really missed wearing my beloved beanie and decent boots. Plus you can't beat a good coat. I also so in love with the zip detail on this top. I have never seen that before and it adds a bit of hardware detail to an otherwise, well really plain all black outfit.